Grey label mt4 mt5 price

New offer for grey label mt4 / mt5 brokerage

New offer for grey label mt4 / mt5 worldwide brokerage business

The WhiteLabelsFX company is glad to inform you that from December 1, 2020 we offer our clients a new price list for grey label MT4 and grey label MT5 services. From today, the cost of a gray label license for metatrader 4 and metatrader 5 will correspond to the following price list:
1. Demo period $1000 for 1 month

2. 1 month subscribtion $3000 in month

3. 6 month subscribtion $13500

4. 1 year subscribtion $18000

We remind you that we do not take any commissions and do not necessarily require the provision of supporting documents. 

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