MT4 / MT5 What kind of feeds are there?

MT4 / MT5 What kind of feeds are thereQuotes integrated into MT4 / MT5 are a must for any successful business, as even the smallest delays can change the direction of the market at any time. With a growing list of data feed solutions from WhiteLabelsFX, reputable brokers can provide quick access to reliable information on financial instruments from leading quote providers directly in their MT4 MT5 trading platforms, guaranteeing transparency in trading for their customers.

Forex trading

The foreign exchange market is so rapidly changing that quotes for currency pairs can change within a second, affecting the risk management of the company, vulnerability from scalpers, etc. Forex data feed provides Forex brokers with accurate and continuous translation of data on currency pairs from reliable quote providers.


The cryptocurrency market is developing at an incredible speed and it does not bypass the side of traders. Innovative brokers are already starting to attract new generation traders, using crypto feeds for MT4 / MT5 trading platforms, offering Bitcoin quotes from reliable suppliers.


Contracts for Difference (CFDs) are the fastest growing financial instruments at the moment. MT4 / MT5 administrators use CFD feeds to get their share from the emerging CFD market by broadcasting accurate and continuous quotes from leading suppliers.

Precious metals

WhiteLabelsFX data feeds allow Forex brokers to deliver real-time quotes for precious metals. Proven and reliable quote providers increase the reputation of the broker.

Stock indices

Stock indices are the best way to measure the performance of a particular industry, sector, or even national stock market. Follow the latest market trends, broadcasting quality quotes on MT4 / MT5 platforms.


Stream a wide range of real-time stock quotes from leading and reputable quote providers for MT4 / MT5 platforms.

When ordering a white label for mt4 or mt5 in our company, you receive the data feed for mt4 or mt5 absolutely free!

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