MetaTrader Gray Label or White Label. What is the difference?

MetaTrader Gray Label or White Label. What is the difference?

MetaTrader Gray Label or White Label. What is the differenceStarting your own Forex brokerage company is a serious decision and it would be better if you start with a gray label or white label MetaTrader 4 or Metatrader 5.

When starting a brokerage business, it is important to determine which platform you should be launching on. Most new brokers take many factors into account when making this decision.

What is the setup fee? What is the monthly service fee? What are the main differences? Let's talk about it in this article.

When choosing between a gray label and a white label when setting up a brokerage company, there are some key points to consider.

What is MetaTrader gray label?

Gray label is the launch of the MetaTrader platform under a foreign brand on the mt4 or mt5 platform. It can be said that this is the most cost effective way to start your new forex business. The obvious downside to this is that customers can be confused that the branding is different from your own company.

When launched with a gray label, a partner can promote their business using the direct name of the technology partner on the mt4 or mt5 platform. The partner also has some element of control over their customer groups and customer relationships as compared to a regular relationship and an Introducing Broker (IB). This is what makes it attractive to larger IBs that do not want to incur high costs but are interested in building their own brokerage service.

What is MetaTrader white label?

The white label is the name used to launch the MetaTrader platform under the company's own name, hence under its own brand. The advantage of a gray label is that customers will see your company's logo, so the company may appear a little more established and look more attractive.

white label is a more expensive proposition than gray label, so this must be taken into account. Like the gray label, the company will have complete control over customer groups and relationships.

What are the disadvantages of MetaTrader Gray Label?

The obvious downside to the gray label is that you, as a company, rely on another company's reputation and brand, in other words, you are running a franchise.

You can find out the cost of starting a gray label business on this page.

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