What do Forex brokers earn?

What do Forex brokers earnAny novice trader who chooses an intermediary with whom he will trade, is interested in the question, what do forex brokers earn? The answer is simple - when a trader makes transactions, then regardless of whether they were profitable or not, he gives part of the money from each trading operation to a broker. Spread is the number of points that you have to give to the broker as a commission. You can familiarize yourself with the volume of the commission on trading instruments on the broker's website.

What does the broker earn?

What does the broker earnEach novice trader asks such a question. And, having studied several pages proposed by the search engine, he decides that the broker is breeding it for money, forcing him to lose deals. This is actually not the case.

The broker must maintain balance - it is necessary to have a sufficiently large percentage (35-40%) of successful traders. This helps to attract new people who want to try on the profession of a trader. Of course, the broker is not a charity and has profits from any transaction, both winning and unsuccessful.