How to open your broker using White Label?

How to open your broker using White LabelThe fact is that recently, the largest developer of trading software for the OTC industry, MetaQuotes Software Corp., has published a message saying that it is stopping the sale of the most popular OTC trading platform MetaTrader 4 and related licenses. That is, now new clients cannot purchase the old platform, and existing ones - additional servers to it. At the same time, МetaТrader 4 brokers will be able to order additional White Label-terminals and count on full-fledged technical support.

Today we will discuss this one of the most interesting topics that excites many and is located on the other side of the terminal. In this review, we will present only the most popular White Label organization options on MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms. First of all, this should be interesting:

- owners of sites that have good targeted traffic;
- organizers of courses on trading in the Forex currency market;
- partners of companies that are not happy with affiliate rates or advertising revenue.

Many already know that MetaQuotes has ceased to issue licenses for the Quartet, while the popularity of this platform is still higher than that of the subsequent “fifth” version. And the White Label model on MetaTrader 4 is in high demand, as it can be ordered directly through a broker. What does this give to new companies?

Depending on the business architecture, a white label company may:

- use your own brand;
- configure the trading terminal at your discretion (labels, charts, advisers, indicators, settings);
- independently or with the help of company resources organize the connection of payment systems;
- to form the opening of accounts and secure access to them for customers;
- carry out non-trading operations on accounts;
- use a distributed system of servers and platforms, ready, configured and supported by the best experts in the industry 24/7;
- develop and implement their own system of bonuses and affiliate programs;
- monitor all your accounts through MT Manager and build reports in this program;
- export data on customer accounts and transactions and build reports in MS Excel;
- Get replication to your SQL databases to create complex, detailed reports;
- carry out mailing through the built-in MT mail and Push alerts;
- arrange contests, sweepstakes and competitions for your customers on your terms and conditions;
- provide mobile versions of terminals;

The White Label brokerage program is designed for those who want to provide online trading services under their own brand, while minimizing the cost of acquiring and using MetaTrader 4/5 platforms. Under this program, broker's partners maintain the full administrative independence of their brand and have the opportunity to offer their customers high-quality trading conditions, access to liquidity providers, news feeds, as well as profitable and competitive spreads and commissions in the trading terminal under their logo.

Now about the main thing. How much does a similar option cost to a novice broker? So, the assembly of the terminal costs about 5 thousand US dollars. WhiteLabelsFX does not charge any commissions, does not require the provision of documents and does not require any additional payments!

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