MT4 MT5 White label as a binary options business option.

MT4 MT5 White label as a binary options business option.

In the financial sector, there is the concept of "White Label".

When it comes to the field of binary options, the concept of "White Label" takes on a completely different meaning.

In our version, "White Label" means a deviation from the brokerage structure, that is, a kind of subsidiary brokerage company with its own operating procedures, price list, rewards, promotions, design, naming and logo, but it is subordinate to the main parent company. Since it is considered dominant in resolving any issues regarding its own division, in other words, it outlines the financial policy, provides the company with the necessary trading software, and the users of the subsidiary company with auxiliary services.

With regard to mutual settlements, the dominant company from the junior partner's profit receives a percentage for regular maintenance, and also a fee for the provided trading platform. Nevertheless, the subsidiary broker is able to launch a binary options business and further develop it with minimal costs.

Among the advantages of this kind of business are the following:

- the presence of a ready-made platform with thoughtful design and technical nuances, and this removes the question of finding new web designers and IT-specialists to develop your own;

- the presence of qualified and prudent staff (customer service employees, forum administrators, system administrators, etc.);

- you can use the help or advice of a "mentor" in the form of the main parent company, etc.

In addition, participants in the White Label program receive a modern, promoted, complete website with a news feed, communication, market state charts, a trading terminal and other necessary components. But this person takes full responsibility for the platform.

Parent brokerage companies, which allow opening a business for binary options, provide their partners and their clients with a variety of training courses. It turns out that the heads of subsidiaries become aware of all the nuances of promoting their own business in exchange trading, and their users receive a reliable theoretical foundation through an intermediary.

In most cases, such a partnership is most interested in those brokerage companies that have not been able to create their own business. They see such an offer as another opportunity for success, which, as far as we know, does not always happen. Nowadays, those companies that previously were directly involved in trading in the futures, currency or stock markets have adhered to the "White Label" in the binary options market. Having weighed well the existing positive aspects of the binary options business, most of them have clearly decided for themselves to change the type of activity with the help of "White Label".

How does the white or gray label for binary brokers from WhiteLabelsFX differ from others?

1. You don't pay any commissions, only monthly payments.
2. We do not require any registration documents, your first payment is a confirmation of your serious interest in us.
3. There are no restrictions.
4. No character restrictions.
5. The cost of the server is already included in the price.
6. No hidden fees!
7. We can offer you a choice either Metatrader 4 and Metatrader5
8. User migration cost $ 0
9. Free MT4 MT5 API
10. Free data price feed

In general, I can say that nothing is impossible in this task. There are examples of brokers consisting of two people in general - they organized the White Label, both employees and founders, and programmers, and support. And they work successfully. So go for it!

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