Is White Label Profitable for a Forex Broker?

Is White Label Profitable for a Forex Broker? White Label programs are partnership programs that provide for the use of a software product of a developer or provider (trading platform, CRM, API, etc.) by a customer under his own brand on a fee-paying basis. Software providers promise that they will undertake the installation and configuration of all software systems, and you will save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on this. Using software under your own brand without buying a license seems to be a really profitable option.

Pros and cons of the White Label program
The broker can solve the issue with installing trading software in two ways: buy software from the developer or use the White Label program, which allows you to use the software under your own brand, but leaves the ownership of it to the provider (supplier or developer).

Choosing the White Label partnership format, both parties get mutually beneficial advantages:

For provider:
- lack of costs for product promotion;
- the formation of interest among customers due to attractive financially proposals (rent is cheaper than a license).

For a broker customer:
- cost reduction due to the absence of expenses for the purchase of a software license, which the broker promotes under its own brand;
- The opportunity to fully develop your own brand.

For a broker, the main advantages of White Label are as follows:

- the platform will really make a profit when you use it at WhiteLabelsFX. First of all, it should be convenient for traders and fit the broker's specifications, for example metatrader 4 and metatrader 5. Our company will not charge a commission from the broker!

- we do not impose on you any decisions of other companies! You are free to choose CRM or some other software, we will provide you with free API and price feeder.

- The broker does not receive a unique product with its own brand.

- when connecting payment systems, we do not charge any fees.

WhiteLabelsFX is a modern full-featured software that will fully satisfy the tasks of any broker. You do not pay any commissions, fully preserving profits.

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